Whether your customers are other businesses or consumers, the need to deliver new features, better quality, and lower prices drives the need for ongoing research and the development of new, or enhanced, products able to compete. From proof-of-concept and prototyping to the validation and characterization of an approved design, measurement systems—sensors, acquisition hardware, analysis software—play an integral role in research and development.

For design engineers, innovating new products can begin with an idea for a new capability or feature that quickly evolves into an iterative process sequence of conceptualize, prototype, develop and refine, and, finally, shift to manufacturing. Measurement systems play an integral role in this process, as developers seek to confirm a concept actually works (and if it doesn’t, why not), validate that it meets the design specifications, and then fully characterize its overall performance. Since designers are potentially pushing existing technology limits, the test solutions upon which they rely for information must deliver a demanding blend of accuracy, performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Axiometrix Solutions is ready to support your R&D measurement needs from sensors to analyzers, from data acquisition systems to test benches, and ultimately from testing to analysis software. By applying our application knowledge, innovative engineering, and operational expertise, we enable our customers to sense, measure, and analyze, all with the ultimate goal of achieving insight. Our product lines—Audio Precision, GRAS Sound & Vibration, and imc Test & Measurement—are leading brands in their respective segments. For more information on specific solutions, please select one of our product lines (menu to left).