Advanced Research

Before products are manufactured and tested, they must first be researched and developed. Before application- or product-focused R&D, scientists and engineers first seek to better understand the limits of a given technology and to explore alternative technologies. This kind of advanced research not only requires high-performance measurement systems, it often pushes such systems to their own limits. For an organization with the mission of providing true measurement solutions, these kinds of challenges are relished by Axiometrix Solutions engineers and product development teams. We collaborate with universities, renowned laboratories, and research facilities worldwide. In a variety of fields, engaging with standards committees and regulatory organizations is also in keeping with our aim to find innovative approaches to the test and measurement challenges presented in advanced research applications.

Axiometrix Solutions is ready to support your advanced research measurement needs from sensors to analyzers and data acquisition systems, and ultimately analysis software. By applying our application knowledge, innovative engineering, and operational expertise, we enable our customers to sense, measure, and analyze, all with the ultimate goal of achieving insight. Our product lines—Audio Precision, GRAS Sound & Vibration, and imc Test & Measurement—are leading brands in their respective segments. For more information on specific solutions, please select one of our product lines (menu to left).