Audiology/Medical Technology

For audiology and hearing instrument-related applications, our Audio Precision and GRAS Sound & Vibration product lines have extensive experience. Through close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry we know that the technology for, and the design of, devices to aid hearing—which can include hearing aids, OTC hearing devices and PSAPs, and cochlear implants—continues to experience tremendous development.

Hearing aids are unique audio devices in the sense that both the input and output are acoustic signals. Accordingly, they are complex devices, with one or more microphones, a power amplifier, a digital signal processor, and a loudspeaker, all integrated in an extremely small battery-powered package. Intelligent and adaptive hearing aid devices bring new challenges, including from a measurement perspective, since these systems are designed to adapt to the acoustic profile of the wearer’s surroundings to provide the best possible user experience and perception of sound.

Our team’s hearing industry experience includes familiarity and understanding of industry standards such as IEC 60118, IEC 60318, and ANSI/ASA S3.22. Axiometrix Solutions is ready to support your measurement needs from sensors to analyzers to analysis software. By applying our application knowledge, innovative engineering, and operational expertise, we enable our customers to sense, measure, and analyze, all with the ultimate goal of achieving insight. Our product lines—Audio Precision, GRAS Sound & Vibration, and imc Test & Measurement—are leading brands in their respective segments. For more information on specific solutions, please select one of our product lines (menu to left).